Saturday, August 3, 2013

Leaving for Mother Russia

Hello little fellas.
It's Saturday afternoon. I'm pretty much all packed up. I have just about 44 lbs in both of my checked bags which is the limit for the Russian leg of the journey. Then my carry on is full of books so it's like 35 lbs. It's supposed to be under like 22... But i'm banking on them not weighing it.
Next email you get from me will be from the Motherland! 3:45 on monday morning I have to be at the travel office to catch the bus to the trax station. We are taking the trax up to SLC and then switching lines to go to the airport. I'm pretty sure I sent a picture of my flight info so you can look up the flight or whatever you like to do these days. I'll hopefully be calling you from the airport on Monday morning some time. If it's too stressed I won't worry about it and Just call you on Christmas! But they said I could call home from the airport so If there's enough time then that's what I'll do.
When I'm gone, i'd like to get updates on my debit card account. So maybe info on monthly spending and ballance? It's going to be hard to keep track with the transition from USD to Rubles. I'd just like to be aware of my spending and be able to budget my spending.
AnnaMarie: You're the best for keeping the blog thing going. Elder Louis's parents appreciate it too.. They found it somehow.
Here I go!

This is it! I leave at 3:45 on Monday morning for Russia.
We were given a little extra time to email today so I'm letting you all know!
We're taking the TRAX up to the airport, we have a 13 hour layover in Moscow, then early in the morning on the 7th, I'll arrive in Novosibirsk Russia.
Hope to hear from you all some time soon!
Elder moore

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