Monday, September 16, 2013

Transfers & Potato Farming!

Hello My American Friends! 

This last week was the last week of the transfer! I've been in Russia for 6 weeks already. Time is going by really quickly it seems. Some days, though, I'll think it's going by slowly. I guess it depends on how much success we've been having, and how busy we've been. 

Besides teaching Nikolai a lot more, and getting closer and closer to setting a date for his baptism, we had a couple other lessons with investigators and our evenings have been pretty full so we haven't had to do as much contacting! We got transfer info this week! Every 6 weeks there are transfers (i.e. missionaries can get shuffled around to different areas of the mission, receive new companions or positions). Since the age change for missionaries, transfers also means a new group of missionaries coming into the mission! So we also get to hear who all the trainers are going to be. Our District this last transfer has been Sisters Sowards, Pimentel, Tsimbal(Цимбал), King and Hansen along with Elders Batson, Madsen, Colten, and myself. Elder Madsen is being transferred to Novosibirsk to be a Zone Leader over the southern half of the mission including Kazakhstan. Sister Sowards is leaving to be the new Sister Training Leader in Novosibirsk, Elder Colton is getting a new companion to finish up training with and Elder Batson is the new District Leader here in Tomsk. Sister Hansen, who just finished training, is being transferred to Krasnoyarsk; and Sister King, who trained her, is going to be training again! So we'll get a Sister who's new to the field!

This week we got another service opportunity! Our branch here has a "farm"... where they have a little field of potatoes planted! So we went with a bunch of the members and harvested all of the potatoes. It was a lot of fun! We got a lot of fun pictures too!

Besides that there's not a whole lot going on here! Elder Batson and I are living off of spaghetti, Stroganov, and cinnamon toast. :) So anyone who has simple recipes PLEASE... send them to me. :D

Now for the pictures.. there are a lot this week! 

Thanks to all of you who wrote me! Sorry if you don't get your own email back every week! You're ALL the best. :D 

 Me in front of the Branch.
 Our District from the First Transfer! 

 Elder Batson and I with our potatoes. 

Elder Batson and I with our cooked potatoes and Чай Tea.

Potato-Sorting Party! 

That's it for this week! Miss you all!

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