Monday, November 4, 2013

A Quick Note & Pictures

Good Morning, or afternoon. I don't really know when you will read this. I have a little less time than usual because the library is closed for a holiday. ?... So we bought some time at a Net Cafe close by. This last week was busy. Elder Batson and I went to Novosibirsk where he's a Zone Leader, I met up with Elder Yatsook and was his companion until we got our new trainees. We had a "train the trainers" meeting and then the next morning we had breakfast at the mission home followed by the "meet the trainers" meeting.

My new companion is Elder Bergmann from Wuppertal, Germany. He's a 2nd league professional volleyball player. He's a lot shorter than my last companions have been too. We came back to Tomsk on Thursday night and on Friday we got back to work! On Saturday we helped the branch deep-clean the Branch building. They used me to get up high. Other than that, nothing too exciting is happening.

Much love, 

Elder Moore

Elder Bergmann, President and Sister Gibbons

 Cleaning the Church
Elder Bergmann, Linh

(And from a letter to Dad)

Can you believe that I've already been gone for 5 months! One more month and I'm already a quarter of the way through. It still feels like I just got here sometimes though. I'm training a new missionary from Germany. His name is Elder Bergmann...he's kinda a runt. Said he played professional volleyball in Germany. Germany 2nd league in Wuppertal... you should look and see how "professional" that really is. But he's a fun companion so far. A lot different than Elder Batson was. We speak English and Russian together with German thrown in there... so on any given day, we are tri-lingual. it's pretty neat. I'm still in Tomsk. which is good! I like Tomsk. I like my apartment. 

It's hard getting Elder Bergmann to stay awake for personal study. He will just go lay down on the couch and sleep. I throw coins at him...or flick our pass-along cards at him from across the room. We were out from 6-9 last night because we didn't have any meetings, just walking the streets contacting cause that's what you do here when you don't have meetings. By 8:45 we had made it to about a 3-minute walk from our house and he started walking towards it. When he realized we weren't going to go in early (even though there was NOBODY on the street), he just sat down and looked kinda defeated. I felt kinda bad but we have to be obedient and stay out until 9. I'll send pictures of us in the other email. He's a lot smaller than my other companions have been. 

Thanksgiving is coming up already?! wowsers. I keep thinking it's still June...cause I haven't been doing real life stuff. Have fun with the family. I wish I could be there..,we'll probably have ramen noodle burritos or something. 

I miss you and love you, hope everything is going well in Ironwood. I'll try and get Stormy Kromer information for you this week too! that's pretty funny. what's the headline going to be?? "STORMY KROMMER SPOTTED IN SIBERIA"..."local missionary Benjamin moore..... " :D you should use that. :D Just read through that privacy email thing the Church sent out to make sure it's okay. 

Love you lots. I'll buy boots one of these weeks when I have time. I have to get my companion a jacket. 

Elder Moore

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