Monday, November 25, 2013

Dogs, Hospitals, & Soccer

Hello there!
Things continue to get colder here, it's not too bad yet. I thought it would be in the negatives already but not quite.
Since last week, we had exchanges with the other elders in Tomsk. I went to the northern area and we ended up going to the "Chasty Houses" the single houses, more of a big shack. Their form of protection are dogs. We were trying to find a less-active member who wasn't actually home. We had to walk past this dog that was chained up. He didn't like that we were there. 

There's a picture from the door of the house. 

We came in through the gate and walked past the dog as it wanted to kill us. Elder Nelson, who I was with, was terrified. 

That same day for lunch after morning studies, we were just starting to cut the chicken to make chicken noodle soup but then the power went out. So we brought all the stuff to the Branch and used the kitchen there. Made a huge pot of soup which lasted a few meals. We took a loaf of bread and cut it in half and hollowed it out to make bread bowls.
Our district had service on Saturday morning with some of the members at a hospice. Never let me end up in a Russian hospital of any kind! We scrubbed the walls in the kitchen. I had a big stick to get up high with. We turned the walls from an off yellow to an off whitish. 

The same night was our culture night which we get every two transfers or once every 3 months. We went to a soccer match in Tomsk. It was Tomsk against Kazan. The first league in Russia...whatever that means? We lost 1-0. It was missing the FOOTBALL part of football.
Another story from the other week I forgot to tell you about was the marshrootka man. Marshrootkas are the busses. There was one broken down on the side of the road with the driver digging in the hood. I had a flashlight on me so I went up and held the flashlight. We ended up sitting in his bus for like a half an hour talking. He was from one of those Stan countries. There are a lot of people here from Uzbekistan for work. I also met a guy from Iran the other day on the street. He was super nice. Earlier this year, the missionaries in Novosibirsk baptized a guy from Iran who is now in Iran but planning on coming back here some time. If they were to find out in Iran that he was baptized, we would probably never hear from him again. It's pretty crazy how different the culture is in the Middle East.
Elder Bergmann and I are going to be living off of potatoes this week so we can have a big Thanksgiving dinner with our district on Thursday. I'm doing a crock pot least the meat looked like a roast. I'm not too sure what it was. But I just figure I'll put it in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots and beef bullion and see how it turns out.

That's about it for now.

Lots of love,
Elder Moore

Hospital service

The soccer stadium, tickets were only 6 bucks.

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