Monday, February 24, 2014

"Burgers" & Elevator

This week, there was a lot of random things that happened! I'll start at last P-Day. 

After email and weekly shopping last week, Elder Aubrey and I were debating whether or not to go do something more than sit around the apartment. We ended up going to this "Butter House" restaurant that we always pass when we're walking down Lennina. They have pictures of good looking burgers on their menu, along with tacos and stuff. So we get there, and order a "Big Mac" (which was written in Russian letters). And I got a Gamburger (that's how you'd say it when they wrote it in Russian) and a Taco. Well I don't know what I was expecting, but what we got was Chicken burgers on hard buns, and the taco was about as far from a taco as I've ever eaten. I guess I'm also as far from Mexico as you can get as well. 

Elder Aubrey and I finally flipped Blene together on Tuesday. 

This week the weather warmed up and it's been snowing a lot more! With the warm weather, I've taken my camera out of my pocket more so I have some more pictures of Tomsk for you. 

Snowy Ploshad Lennina (Lennin Square) 

As a part of the missions goal to build the stake, we, as a mission are confirming the records and physical presence of 2500 members in the mission. When we cut down and update the list, we will need less Priesthood holders. So we've been going to visit a lot of Less Active houses this week. One of them was somewhere James would like to go. We got there, all the windows were boarded up and it was abandoned. I took some pictures through the windows. A lot of places here in Russia are "James" places. :P We'll be walking past a house like the one that a Less Active was supposed to live in, and Elder Aubrey will just be like "okay, you know that homeless people live in there". Sometimes there's a little trail in the snow that kinda confirms that. 

A little while after going to that house, we ran into Goofy. The disney character. It was on Lennina and we got pictures with him. As we were taking pictures with him, a group of teenagers walked by and one of the girls said "oohhh American Boys" in a big Russian accent. Then we invited them all to come to English. 

We are finally getting a Senior Couple here in Tomsk! They will be here in a little over a month. We have already boughten the apartment. On Friday, we went in the morning to bring some of our extra kitchen stuff over. It is a really nice apartment with a big entertainment room for when they have events at their place. The bathroom shower though is the crazy thing. It has two seats in it, and room for two people to lay down. It has a tight seal and can turn into a steam room, and it also has a little electronic pad where they can control the TV and the Radio. I guess Russians like their showers! 

The 23rd of February was Men's day here in Russia. Or Veteran's day. One of the two. They all serve in the army anyways. So there was a party at the branch on saturday that the Relief Society put together for the Men. Nikolai came and loved it. 

On Friday, our SYL (Speak your language or something like that) week as a district ended. That was a relief. 100% Russian if fine, but it's not as fun! For some things it was good, but for others it wasn't as good. 
To close off the week, on Sunday after church we were on our way home, in our elevator. We were going up and Elder Aubrey asks "hey do you think these doors open when we're moving" As we're moving he opens the doors. The elevator stops between the 4th and 5th floors and we got stuck in there for about 40 minutes before it started moving again.

Stuck in the elevator... But we found chocolate in Elder Aubrey's bag!

Here's a video of it. (if it will send). 

Marshrootkas ... The Marshmallow shaped buses that we use here. 

I hope you're all doing well with whatever it is you're doing these days. Thanks for all the emails and mails!! Have a great week.

Lots of Love, 

Elder Benjamin Moore

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