Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Miracles

Things over here are starting to warm up a little bit! It was all the way up to -13 the other day. Last P-day after emailing, we went and got haircuts, and went to buy groceries before going home. I made a big pot of Borscht that lasted until Thursday. I make a pretty good Borscht, so just be ready for that! I also picked up an old book out of the library free shelf and hollowed it out with a box cutter we found in the apartment. It's a book about Lenin with his face on the front of it. (see the pictures). 600 pages of cutting and gluing later. 

We've had more meetings with less-active members than usual which is good! Last night we had a really good meeting and lesson with Sergei and Olga Suckanov. They haven't been to church in so long, but know the importance of it. They kept asking about other members... "does so and so still go??" So I think they miss the people there as well. They work all day every day and get really caught up in it. It was a miracle in itself that they set down what they were doing to meet with us. We met in their little sewing repair shop. We'll probably bring them some of Elder Aubrey's suit pants. He's managed to rip about 3 of them in different places. 

On Friday or Saturday night we were just coming in at 9 pm, and as we were getting in the elevator to go up to our apartment, we saw this 10-year-old kid come out carrying shelves and asked if he needed some help. So we helped him carry the shelves out to a car, and went back with him to the 7th floor where there was a huge shelving unit waiting to go downstairs. It took us 20 minutes, but we finally got this huge thing down 7 flights of Russian stairs.

Another little miracle that happened this week. Our old investigator, Ling from Vietnam, answered his phone. We've been trying to get ahold of him for about 2 months now. We thought he went back to Vietnam or something. But he finally answered, and was excited to talk to me. We would be meeting with him today, but he's on his way to Dubai for some reason. He'll be back later this week so hopefully we'll be able to start meeting with him again. 

Congratulations to RYAN RICHARD MOORE for getting Baptized this week. 

Lots of Love, 

Elder Moore

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