Monday, April 14, 2014

Training & Conference

Good Morning America! :)

I am running low on time this week, so this will be a quick one. This past week was a short one. The last week of the transfer. We leave on a train at 9:58 tonight to head into Novosibirsk. We'll get there a little after 5:00 A.M. Wednesday. I'll go to a "train the trainers" meeting and Thursday morning I will go to the mission home to meet my new companion! Also, Sister Rebecca Cisar from our Stake will be ariving as well so I'll get to see her at the mission home. It turns out that she will be trained in Omsk! Just in the other district. 

I'm just trying to get ready for District Meeting on Friday. Gotta make the first one a good one right? We'll see how it goes. I'm planning on talking about sanctification and relating it to us as missionaries being set apart. 

Artur, the guy Elder Lewis and I found while on exchanges, has been out of coverage since that day and we haven't had a chance to stop by his house yet. Hopefully we can get ahold of him soon! 

We may be moving apartments soon. We're at least going to start looking at some other options. There are bums that sleep in our stair well and make it smell pretty bad. 

We watched General Conference this weekend!! It was great! "Welcome to the 184th Annual General Conference... You're gathered in homes and church buildings across the world".... Or in the basement of a Russian building that was turned into a branch. Nonetheless, Conference was as great as ever. 

We visited a few members this last week. And helped out at the Youth Night as usual. 

That's about all I've got time for this week!! You're all great! Here's the pictures for you who don't like to read the email. :P

Lots of Love,

Elder Benjamin Moore

With Elder Foster on exchanges
Watching conference in the secretary's office
Some of the members! Me with Elder Zhitkov, and Denis. 
 Me with Vanya... (the short form of Ivan)
Us at the Nikiforov's house

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