Monday, November 3, 2014

Even if We Don't, He Does

Well Hello Family and Friends!

P-Day's back to Monday now. Weird that it's been less than a week since I've emailed. This week we had our normal fill of meetings. The notorious back up plan is always to just hit the street or to stop by members. So last Tuesday night, we ended up working out way to one of the far corners of our area to stop by a couple members. It was one of those nights where you realize that the Lord knows where we're going better than we do.

We saw a miracle as we were stopping by a couple less active homes on Tuesday night. We got to the door and nobody was home. We were going to tract the apartments, but the elevator was broken and making a lot of noise so we decided it better to just get out of there. Right upon leaving the building, the first person we saw was a former investigator. The last meeting we had with him, he said that He was done looking for God, and that he had been silent, so now he didn't want to meet, didn't want to come to anything and was just going to go on with his life, and if God wanted to talk to him and show himself, then so be it. We ran into him in a very unlikely spot, and he said "it's really inspiring to run into you here". We had a good talk, and he gave us his number again saying that he would like to receive invitations to activities.

I have found joy in the work. Especially in the times where we don't know exactly what to do, but do it anyways only to realize that the Lord knew the whole time what we were doing. I'm coming to learn that it is not necessarily always about trying to follow the spirit, but to just go about with the spirit. So many times have we gone through the day only to realize at the end of the day after all is said and done that we were actually being guided in all that we did. It simply comes through living worthily, and consecrating your efforts.
After lunch one day, might have been Wednesday, Elder Jacobsen was trying to find a new place for his suitcases as it was getting too cold to keep them out in the balcony. He tried to put them in the storage part of the couch only to end up breaking the couch. So after a while of trying to fix it, we figured out that we'd need a couple nuts and washers to do it. So we made a run to the hardware part of the Central market (right next to the meat part... and the fur part... :) On the way there and back we were doing out best to try and talk with everyone. On the way back there was one guy, Dimitri who stopped and listened to us. We parted ways and I said "well there's the reason that you broke the couch" God needed us on the streets at that time. Two days later, he became a new investigator, and is just a sponge for the truth. I'm excited to keep on meeting with him!
I guess it was Halloween this last week! We had a festive district meeting. :)
We got a Horse sausage. :) 

Saturday was pretty frustrating. We met with an investigator who likes to play the antagonist. He's not even progressing, and we were going to drop him a couple weeks ago. We've just been going in circles with him. We prepared really well and had a great lesson plan, but it was pretty horrible in the end. That was our last meeting with him. SaturdayTh night after planning, Elder Jacobsen fell passed out on the floor, pen still in hand, with his planner half way across the floor. Clip board under his head, and area book all over the place. :) We work hard.
last night, We were invited to go to Ilholm's apartment and meet with him. he is very Muslim, but our conversation is always open, and inspiring. We sang The Spirit of God, in English, and he loved it. The spirit was strong. In the Muslim culture, adults are seperated from the children, and the men from the women. His wie and two (i think) kids were home, but they were in a different room the whole time. When we sang, he went and opened the door of the room that we were sitting in. I think it was so that his family could hear it better. Ilholm is a Devout muslim. He used to be one that led services at the Muslim Mosque here in Novosibirsk. I don't know if they will ever accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this life, but I do feel that we are preparing them for a time when they will. The steriotypes that are had against people from these places are simply wrong and need to stop. The Muslim people I know here are some of the most humble, nicest and peaceful people that I know. 

We interact with a lot of Muslim people from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, ...and all the other Stans. Elder Jacobsen and I have even been learning phrases in Tajik and Uzbek so that when we contact them on the streets, they have to double take and stop to talk to us. Not many of them have ever seen and American in their lives, no less an American that know a little bit of their language. We've found a lot of success in taking an interest in their culture and customs. I do think that our interactions with anyone that results in any good at all is preparing them for our message. If nothing else, it is building friendships that will soften the barriers between our cultures. These centeral asian countries are the final places on earth that the Church has yet to be established. There has never been a missionary from our church to learn Tajik or Uzbek. It won't be long though! 

Take some time to look into and learn about a foreign culture! Most of you already have, but keep going deeper! Learn about the people. Who they are, where they come from, what kind of history has made their culture the way it is. Ever since I was a 16 yea old exchange student, I've been learning that if we just had understanding, there would be greater peace and love.

If you haven't before, take interest and learn about other religions rather than just your own. If you don't even understand why you believe the things that you do, then study your own religion to find out just why you hold tp those beliefs! Either you will find a greater light and truth, or you will strengthen your testimony about what you already know and believe. I know if you go to God with your questions, he will guide you and give you the answers. He can not lie, and will always guide you towards greater truth. There is always something more to be learned, and always something better to be done. :)
You're all in my prayers, and I'm hoping that you're all enjoying the little things.
Much Love,

Elder Benjamin Moore

 Elder Stucki, Walker and Sealock with their Halloween Cake
The District. All 16 of us. 
Horse Sausage
Vanya was in town this week and we got to go to KFC with him
Elder Jacobsen on the floor

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