Monday, December 8, 2014

Paket aus Deutschland!, Omsk with the Омичи (Omskers)

Hello Hello, 

Monday I received a package from the Schrecks! Danke Danke Danke! Ich habe Ihre Paket am Montag im Post gefunden. Well That's about all the German that I can muster for you right now. But a big thanks to Carolin and her family in Germany. :) 

This week had more focus on the missionaries in our Zone than it did our own Area. We got a meeting with Vacili and his mother Olga in on Monday night, one with Fyoder on Tuesday, and a stay home Babushka meeting on Thursday before leaving for Omsk on Thursday night. I remember I wrote a while back saying that trains were out of the picture now, but it turns out it's a little too hard to get flights at convenient times, so we ended up taking a train there and back. That's fine with me. :) Left Thursday night and got in Friday morning in time to go get ready for District meeting at the Jaussi's place. The Shumways who replaced the Walkers have been transfered to be an office couple in the Kiev, Ukraine mission, and the Jaussi couple has been transfered to Omsk from Novokuznyetsk. They are great! They will do a lot of good for the Youth in Omsk. I was back with Elder Swenson in our old area on Friday. It was a throwback. We have two districts that meet at the Jaussi's place for district lunch, our goal meeting and our district meeting. Here's a picture of all of us as we're getting ready to go back out into the cold. Gotta love the fur. :) 

We got to teach a lesson to Gleb, one of my old investigators. It was an adventure as we met him at Cinnabon in a mall, but it surprised be how attentive he became. He had changed since I taught him last. Elder Swenson and I were able to go huge in teaching and testifying to him about Christ and his Atonement. It rang true and you could tell he longed for the peace that comes through the power of the Atonement. 

I also got to be on exchanges with Elder Robley, and Glover who serve in the other Omsk branch. That meant that I didn't really get to see the members from my branch, but Elder Stucki who served in the first branch was in heaven as we attended the church meetings. The Babushki all walked in and about died with happiness to see him. Next time we'll go to the seccond branch. :) Elder Robley and I visited an inactive lady and got to beat out her rug outside. Sunday was below -30 C and every time someone walked into the branch a visible cloud of... coldness would come in with them. 

It was a great week. Transfer calls came when we were in Omsk. Elder Stucki and I stay together another transfer! This next one is an 8-weeker so we'll be together for the holidays and into February. Christmas is coming up, and our last Visa trip is less than a month away in the first week of January. To all you family, I'll be skyping you soon! Start reminding the kiddos that they have an uncle named Benjamin so they're not wondering who I am. :) I fly out of Novosibirsk to come home on the 9th of June. Exactly six months from tomorrow. I want to do the most I can with these next six months. I want you all to help me do that by sharing with me things you're studying. If you find any powerful scriptures, send them my way and tell me why it's powerful or what you've learned. 

Alright, here are your pictures. 

Lots of love, 

Elder Moore

P.S. All of you ski bums in the midwest better be enjoying all the snow you're getting. :) 


Package from the Schrecks! I couldn't wait until Christmas. :) Elder Stucki made me open it! 
The Omsk 1 and 2 districts at the Jaussi's 
Elder Swenson and I in our old apartment. He's being transferred to Novokuznyetsk
 Elder Robley beating out the Bab's rug.

Branch door from the inside
 Elders Stucki, Carlson, Clover and I enjoying Kontik cookies after planning
Elder Glover and I frosted over at the end of our 10 minute walk to church
The walk home from church

Here's a video clip of the cold. :)

Have a great week and stay warm.

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