Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello Family and Friends, 

This week was a full one as I transferred down to Barnaul on Wednesday. 

Tuesday we ran into a couple of the departing missionaries in the Office. Elders Hendryx, Johnson, Prince and Garfield. Crazy. Sister Luba and Rita had us over on Tuesday night. It was a really good meeting. They gave me a Russian nesting doll. It's been a really cool thing to see all of that happen. Wednesday morning, Elder Yungfleish got back from Finland, and by the afternoon, we were on a bus down to Barnaul. 5 hour bus ride. We got to our apartment at8:30 and had a few minutes to hit the street. It's so quiet compared to Novosibirsk. So many less people on the street, and so much more alcohol per person, or so it seems. We've had a great time getting to know the members. There are a few recent converts in our area with whom we will be working. Sasha, Armen and Arman. I'll probably write about them often. Sasha is like the Vanya(from Omsk) of Barnaul. Church yesterday was great. Brother Savin and his family were visiting from Tomsk. So that was a nice surprise. He was wearing his Stormy Kromer hat, and he remembered that we had that connection and said something about it right away. :) I don't know how Ironwood's Stormy Kromer hat made it to Siberia, but it did. :) I gave a talk, and people liked it. It was based on the 1st and 2nd great commandments to love God, and to love one another. We have a decent area. It's a little sketch as we're not in the center, but what can you do. Our Apartment is really nice, and it's HUGE! Easily 4 times the size of my Novo one. :) it's nice to have more space. From the outside of our building, we have to go through 5 doors to get into our apartment. 3 of which have different keys. There's a security desk that we walk past as well. We're on the 7th floor. Our apartment door has so many bolts. Not just on the side opposide the hinges either. It's got three coming out the top as well as the bottom, along with like 7 on the side the lock is on. I think we're pretty safe. :) 

Well Elder Yungfleish and I are going to check out a store where they have ties for $1.50. Let me know if you want one! 

Here are some pictures. :)

Elder Moore


 4011- Elder Garfield
 4012- Elder Prince
 4015- Elders Turman and Hendryx
 4020- Me, Elder Wilkinson, Luba, Rita, Elder Stucki all holding a piece of the Matryoshka they gave me. :)
4022- Packing!
4040- Elder Yungfleish and I waiting with all my stuff at the bus station 
4047- On the Way to Barnaul

4052- We made Buritos. They have nice big tortillas here.
4059- Frosted Siberia on Friday Morning
 4060+4066- Our front door. Lots of locks.

4074- Journal writing time with tea :) 
4079- These kind of ice slides are all over the place. I wrote Michael about them last week. All the kids have these little butt-sleds, and they just fly on them. You should give it a try if there's still enough snow! 

Have a great week!!

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