Monday, March 9, 2015

ZL's visit, Women's Day, Departure Information

Happy Woman's Day! (8th of March)

This one will be a quick one, but I'll try and make it a good one. In all, this week was a bust. Despite all of our efforts, not a single investigator meeting went through. We were dogged on meetings quite a few times. It was still a good week none the less. The Zone Leaders were down for exchanges with us, and it was awesome. They came on the first week of the month right after we get money, and on tuesday right after we shop, and then they eat all our food. :) From tuesday on, we had no more meat, veggies, or honey. But we still love them, and we survived the rest of the week, though I'm still not sure that we ate anything but bread from our bread machine. When they come we put on on the pull out couch, and the other gets two arm chairs with a stool and a kitchen chair in between them. 

English this week was the first week of the program again. About God being our loving Heavenly Father. We had 4 regulars in our group, and for introductions we asked what their favorite food is. Then Anatoli, ina thick Russian accent says "As a proper Russian male... I eat everything". I had to smile when he said that. It got better when we asked the rehtorical question, "How many of you have a Dad". Two of the four raised their hands. Then they discussed amongst theirselves if we were talking about God, or a normal Father. As a couple of their fathers had passed away from different reasons, we had to underline that everyone HAS a dad. We did an example question asking "okay, pretend for a minute that you're a dad... and you have a young 10 year old daughter who comes home from school crying. What do you do?" (We were defining the words Preside, Provide, and Protect) They couldn't get it, then a woman came in late and we asked her, she said right away, "I'd just talk to her!". We love Gospel english group. :)

The Assistants were in town as well on Saturday and Sunday. They did a good zone training, and then I was with Elder Robley on exchanges. of the 8 missionaries at the zone training on Saturday, 6 of them will be home by July. Our mission is droppig in numbers. A year ago we had 98 missionaries, and in July, we wil be down to the low 40's! What's going on?! Tell all those kids back home to get out on missions, because we need them out here! And if you know a Senior couple that is looking to serve a mission, we are in dire need of senior couples here as well. For this mission, you can pretty much request it as a Senior Couple. Believe it or not, Siberia isn't the desired mission of senior couples. 

This is the last week of the transfer already. Calls should be made by Friday. Elder Yungfleisch and I will probably stay together. 

Saturday was the 7th, and we had a branch Woman's Day celebration concert. Elder Yungfleisch and I made about 100 cookies and gave them to all the Babs. They loved them and were even stuffing them into their purses for later. haha 

Noor came to church yesterday! He had a great experience and we are meeting with him tonight. 

So here are all the pictures that will fill in the rest of this week's happenings. 

Hope that you area all happy, healthy and safe!

Much Love,

Elder Moore

 A few random ones: Nesting Dolls in the city,
 I'd love a good old American Cheeseburg...
 A normal street with tram
Cat Milk!

Creepy pigs and a bird thing, Suns starting to come around these days so we figured it's time for ice cream. We're ready for Summer.
 Beds for the guests, 

 We found a meat slicer in our apartment that we used to slice our bread.
Cookies for the activity,

 Branch President singing to all the Babs

Have a great week!

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