Monday, October 14, 2013

Blene en Masse & Photos

Hello Everyone!! 

This last week was pretty busy! Our Mission President; President Gibbons, his wife, his wife's sister, and a friend who were visiting from America came to Tomsk! We've been waiting for them to come for a couple weeks and it was great having them. Elder Batson and I cooked blene for everyone, all 14 people. Between the two of us we flipped about 135 blene. They got in just as we were doing the last batch so we all sat down and ate and talked. 

After lunch we had an hour-and-a-half-long training meeting with messages from all four of them. The experiences and stories that they shared were all inspiring and great! 

For the rest of the week we had a lot of walking-around time because there weren't a lot of meetings that we could get set up. We got a few good pictures as it's pretty late into the fall season. Though it really feels like February. It's been in the negatives all this last week, making my fingers and toes go numb when we're out contacting from 6-9 p.m. Hopefully I'll find some boots one of these weeks! 

Last night we were contacting people out by the Eternal Flame monument that overlooks the countryside. It was SUPER windy, to the point where you could lean into it pretty good. So I just pretended I was skiing for a couple seconds. :) 

So this last week, I also, (I as in Elder Batson and I) figured out how to make this SUPER good sauce with chicken bullion cubes. Just had a little bit of fried shredded chicken with a cup of chicken bullion broth and a cup of milk, the we whisked in flour until it was a good thickness. Tastes kinda like Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup...but better! 

So here are a few pictures from this week:

A park in Tomsk

A pretty sketchy place

The main street at night. 

The main street is called Lennina.

A park with the leaves falling from the birch trees.

This is a bridge right over a little river  and it's tradition to lock a lock to the bridge when you get married and throw the key into the river and if they ever wanted to get a divorce, they would have to go find the key. There are some pretty fancy locks on there!

Cooking blene for a crowd.
 They liked it.

Chicken soup.

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