Monday, October 7, 2013

Teaching & Goals

Hello Hello! 

I've officially been out in the field longer than the MTC. It feels good to get a little time behind me. My Russian is really making some big leaps forward lately. We do a lot of studying. My German is being lost pretty quickly too which is kinda a bummer. I think it'll come back if I can speak with a native for a couple days?

As far as missionary work, we've had probably the most successful week since I've been out here! A lot of lessons, and a few new investigators. We are teaching people from Russia, Taiwan, Nigeria and Egypt! So we teach in English just as much as in Russian. Two of our investigators have read over half of the Book of Mormon in the past week! It's crazy the progress they make as they read the Book of Mormon. It's as if it's doing our work for us! 

As a mission, we are working for the goal of making the Novosibirsk District into a Stake! We just need a few more priesthood holders and baptisms and then the keys and leadership authority will be shifted from our American Mission president to the Russian church Members with a Russian Stake President to be their spiritual leader. Once we become a stake, we will be on the path for a Stake Center and real growth will start to come. With the eventual hope in the future for a temple to be here in the Novosibirsk mission! 
Our goal for our mission is baptisms in this year we are up to 77 as of today and there are 16 investigators with baptisimal dates on or before the 16th of November. It is reachable and we are almost there! 

This week, Elder Batson and I took the council from President Gibbons. We did some exploring of the area this week, rode the trams around the city and just took it all in. Tomsk is a beautiful city!

Hope all is well back home! 

Lots of love, 

Elder Benjamin Moore

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