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Leaving the Ninety and Nine; Baptisms!!; Transfers are in!

Happy P-Day once again!

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes!! Thanks AnnaMarie for forwarding a bunch of messages! I don't know what it is with you all wanting me to find some cake. haha You should all have some cake for me. 

Before I go into the week I want to tell you all the highlights! Sergay Shirokov, a less active who we stopped by about a month ago is doing well! Last Sunday, a meeting fell through, so we had just enough time to make it down to his place. He was home, we went in, and we had a quick, but powerful lesson about prayer. Well yesterday, after a week of no contact with him, he came to church! He brought his 6-year-old son Pavel, and they both looked happy to be there. I was put on the spot by Brother Nikiforov to give a talk when someone didn't show up. So I expounded on what I talked about about a month ago in Sacrament meeting...which was the only other time he had been to Church. I don't think it's a coincidence that I was given the opportunity to testify twice and those were the only two times that he was there. After Sacrament meeting, he asked me to give him a blessing. There aren't a lot of people (who aren't old babs) who will ask for blessings here. Half because there are mostly old Babs, and half because it takes a lot of faith to ask someone else to give you a blessing. It's a miracle that he is actively taking part and turning things around for himself. We're just helping him along. It just made this transfer come full circle. To see that the Lord cares for the Lost one and takes the time from the ninety and nine to find the one and bring him back. 

Well this was the week! President Williams has made his first full-blown transfer! Lots of changes. I lasted five transfers in Tomsk, and four here in Omsk. I'm being transferred into Novosibirsk. (Dad wrote: "Did you get transferred out of Omsk? Where to now? Maybe it's time for you to spend some quality time in Novo.")  So you got it! I'm going into Novosibirsk. I was hoping to make it one more transfer here. I would have been able to see the Walkers to the end of their missions, and welcome in the Shumway couple from Idaho as they would be the Walkers replacements. I guess the Lord has other plans. I'm going to serve with Elder Jacobson on Right Bank of Novosibirsk. We'll be the Zone Leaders for the West Zone of the mission Covering Omsk, Berdsk and part of Novosibirsk. I'm excited to be able to work more closely with President Williams! We'll be returning to Omsk for exchanges with the District Leaders, and to do Zone Trainings. (I'm so thankful for that. It'll be great to see some of the members again). I'm excited and grateful for this calling as it is a greater opportunity to serve and influence other missionaries and help the mission become more united.

I came into Russia from the MTC with Elders Allen, Hodgson, Lewis and Stucki. This next transfer, they will ALL be serving in OMSK. Lewis and Stucki in the 1st branch, and Hodgson and Allen in the 2nd branch. My MTC district all in one place, and I'll get to come do exchanges with them. Probably the only time in our missions this will happen, so I'm really excited to come and get pictures of us all together again. 

Elder Hodgson will be the District Leader here in Omsk 2. We had lunch at their place the other day, and I found his MTC journal. It was a good time reading his entries, and first impressions of the rest of the district. Makes me glad that I've kept a journal myself. I still haven't missed a day in my mission! 

Here's a snippet from President Williams to all the Missionaries:
Dear Elders and Sisters, it is truly gratifying to serve with you. I am so very impressed with your desires to serve God and to be Consecrated Missionaries who involve and work with Covenant Members in a manner Like Unto Angels, as we invite all to Come Unto Christ by Acting in Faith (PMG Ch 11).

We look forward to seeing you all in the upcoming Zone Conferences – Saturday, 23 August, 10 a.m., in the Novosibirsk 1st Branch chapel, except for the Krasnoyarsk missionaries, with whom we will meet on Monday, 25 August, 1 p.m., in the Krasnoyarsk Branch chapel.

We always pray for the Lord's blessings to be upon you, to watch over you, guide you, and bless you, as well as your loved ones. I know He is doing this and will continue to do this, for He loves you. Sister Williams and I continue to feel His love for you, magnifying our own love. Thank you for your devoted, consecrated efforts!

Sincerely and with Love,

President Williams

Saturday: Two people were baptized on Saturday! Ivan, and Dimitri (Dima). Ivan from the 1st branch and Dima from our branch. Dima showed up about 5 weeks ago, attended everything, became close friends with all of the youth and missionaries, and soaked up the gospel like a sponge. We as a district were all helping him along as Elders Klein and Hodgson taught him. 3 weeks ago we really made him a focus for not just the elders, but everyone. We could all see that he was elect. Friday I got to do a baptismal interview with him and it was a great meeting. We read scriptures and talked. It was amazing to see his excitement. The baptismal service was perfect. The Branch Mission leader who we just got back up and running conducted, the 1st branches branch president presided, and a lot of members came to support them. It was spiritual and well done. The elders did a fantastic job at setting it all up. Elder Swenson and I were in charge of filling the font. We got there to turn it on, and the valve to plug the drain was broken! So we put plastic over the drain, and found a solution. They'll have to get a new switch. The font is three floors below the chapel, on the far end of the sport hall so it was a little trip.... Okay, I'll stop talking about it all and send some pictures. It was a good baptism. 

Sunday was a doozer. I'm glad I was able to get up and speak in front of them all one last time. It was really a blessing to be able to serve the people here. We stayed after a little bit and got a lot of pictures with the members. It didn't really hit me that I was leaving until I was closing my talk. I'm just so grateful to have served in the two best cities in the mission right off the bat. Tomsk and Omsk. :) In the evening, we went and did the sacrament for Sister Zhelyeznyak one last time. 

Today I'm emailing later because the Walkers took me out to Subway for my Birthday/going away lunch. I'm so grateful for them and all they've done here and in Vladivostock where they started their mission. They've really been a blessing to me and my mission. I can't really express how much they've done for me, and the work here. So thank you so much Elder and Sister Walker for everything!

Coming up this week: Train to Novo on Tuesday night, Train the Trainers meeting with Elder Jacobson on Wednesday, MLC (Mission Leadership Council) meeting on Thursday. Multi-District meeting on Friday as pretty much every missionary will be in Novosibirsk at the time. Multi-Zone Conference on Saturday with President Porter from the Europe East Area Presidency. Sunday is District Conference for the Preparatory Stake here that will be telecast to all the branches from Novo with President Porter. So I'll get into Novo and hit the ground running! 

I'm so grateful for the time I've had out here in Siberia. Still another 10 to go, that will be busier than the rest! 

Thank you all for all you do for me, thanks for the support and prayers. I definitely feel them. This is the Lords work, and we are all a part of it. 

From Siberia with Love, 

Elder Benjamin Moore

P.S. The Walkers said President Gibbons is doing well. He's writing book after book, and they're on the top sellers list already. Go find his blog and get a free E-book "Nethermost" this month only... or something. They are a compilation of stories from him and his dad. (His dad was a Secretary for the 1st Presidency of the Church.) Dad and Family... It'd be awesome to have a copy waiting for me when I get home!! hint hint. :) 


Zaitee (stop-By). Less actives weren't home. 


Russian construction fix. Got a hole in your road. Fill it with bricks!!

The District! (Elders Hodgson,Klein, Swenson, and myself. Sisters Cisar, Mulitallo, Fullmer, and Butler and the Walkers)

All of Omsk (the above minus the Walkers plus Stucki, Jarmann, Robley and Carlson)

Dima at the baptism


In front of the font. Elders Jarmann, Dima, Ivan and Elder Klein

People in the pictures in no particular order: Chris, Nastya, Vanya, Maxime, Nooravick

Vanya, Igor, Zachar, Brother Nikiforov


Nikiforov Family
 Branch Building
Sister Zhelyeznyak visit
Better Nikiforov family picture

The Walkers, Elder Swenson and I at Subway for Lunch! 

That's all for now! Have a fantastic week

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