Monday, August 11, 2014

Well Done, Family, Well Done

It's August, and it's hot!

I'm far enough into this now that I can say I'm surprised that so many of you still write me so often! Well done! Today it took me over half of email just to read your emails because they were so great! When I left, I thought for sure that you'd all write for a bit, but then get bored and forget about me and then have it pick up again maybe a couple months before I go home. I underestimated you all! So you're the best.

One year ago, it was my first week in the mission field. Back in Tomsk With Elder Batson. It sure seems like a long time ago. Now I'm over here in Omsk, and Elder Batson is a Group Leader over in Kemerova. A group is smaller than a branch. So he is like the Bishop or Branch president of Kemerova. I had the best trainer. :) He's one of three missionaries in the mission who lead the congregation in one of the cities here in Siberia. Kemerova and Berdsk are both Groups with a missionary as the group leader, and Novokuznyetsk is a Branch with the missionary as the Branch President.  

This week a lot happened I guess. It's all in my letter to President Williams so I'll copy that in, add some pictures and call it good for this week! Transfers are coming up soon already! I don't know where this transfer has gone! We'll be getting calls on Saturday. Elder Walker made allusions to this transfer being a big one for Omsk, and probably for the whole mission. It is President Williams first time doing the whole transfer. The last one was set by President Gibbons and confirmed by President Williams. So everyone's anxious to see what he throws at us. 

President Williams is great. I think he'll be more involved in the missionaries work than was President Gibbons. That's not better or worse... it's just different. (as Dad would say). He was in Tomsk this last week, planning to be in Omsk again mid September, and he has talked about going out and proselyting with the missionaries and teaching with us as well. I'm pretty excited for that. He was a Stake President for many year, and knows a lot.. a lot a lot! 

Russians have been talking about all the sanctions going on between our countries. It'll be interesting to see what happens. People on the street keep telling us that we along with all the Americans are going to be kicked out of Russia soon. I'm not too worried about it. 

Happy P-Day President, 

This last week was a good one, with answered prayers, service bringing forth fruit, and influencing others for good. 

We had some service opportunities that resulted in two return visits with a family at their house. The first two times they declined accepting a Book of Mormon. The third time we went, a member was with us to help, and was able to testify as we worked. In the end of that visit, she accepted a Book of Mormon. I left with peace that we had done what we were sent to do, and that the seed was planted. 

We had two investigator lessons. One with a long time investigator who is just getting comfortable being with the Youth but not one of the Youth. We helped her understand how she could better strengthen her relationship with God through prayer, scripture study, and loving others through service. 

We have a new investigator who is Gay. He came up to me at English and said he wanted help. We spent some time on the Mormons and gays website before meeting with him to seek direction of how to go about meeting and teaching him. He was muslim, now athiest. We came to the conclusion that any answers we give him will not satisfy him until after he receives a testimony that he is a child of God, and that Jesus is the Christ. We taught the restoration as we would have taught it to anyone else. Anyone can receive a testimony. 

The District here is doing so well. District meeting was inspired this week. The theme was Gratitude. We discussed the doctrines of gratitude, and made cards for members that do a lot for us. 
I've started something called a "Consecration Commitment" to go in stride with your commitment for us to be more consecrated missionaries. Each week, the plan is to take an inspired section of the white handbook. To read it, discuss it, and commit to living it more fully in the next week. 

I hope you and Sister Williams are doing well and have a great week!

Elder Moore

Welp, That's about it on Elder Moore's side of the world.

From Russia, with Love, 

Elder Moore


Big Lego Russian nesting dall

Marshrootka ride with Elder Swenson

The Babushky all like to have their little Bab parties out on the benches outside their apartments. This is the biggest one I've seen, and had to get a picture of it. Babs are the best!! 

We played Billiards this week with Dima, the other elder's investigator. This is Elder Hodgson breaking. 

filter service fire vanya

We finally got a water filter!! Since we've moved into this apartment we've been buying water. Can't drink the tap without a filter. 

On out way to service with Elders Klein, Hodgson, Swenson and myself. 

Maybe my favorite Bab picture so far. This is on the side of the road. She's out there with a rake by her fire. I love Russia. 

Vanya, Elder Swenson and I on our way back from helping out the Gypsy lady. She took a Book of Mormon!!

Last one for this week. 

We made a big pot of Borscht early this week, had meals elsewhere the next two days because we were busy, and came back to a big, bubbling pot of fermenting borscht. Poured it into a jug to throw it out. Better luck next time. 

Have a great week!

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