Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Well I'll start your Christmas week off with what happened to me last week. 

At the beginning of the week we were in a bit of a rut. Many of the Investigators have been falling away as of late, and the less actives we're trying to work with seem to always have an excuse not to meet. When this happens in the work, we have a couple choices. We can submit to the temptations which tell us that the work is not going anywhere, and it won't matter what we do resulting in lack of faith, and therefor, lack of miracles. On the other hand, we could press through the trials, and trust in the Lord. Last Monday night, we decided that we needed to fast, and planned a 24 hour fast to the dot from Wednesday at 5 to Thursday at 5. We both spent Tuesday and Wednesday seeking revelation on what we were to fast for, and on Wednesday came to the conclusion that we didn't know specifically, but that we needed a clear Miracle that we would later be able to identify and pinpoint as the result of our showing our Faith and reliance on the Lord through our Fast. Five O'clock on Thursday came and went. We saw some new people at English on Wednesday night who are definitely miracles, but it didn't feel like THE miracle that we were fasting for. Thursday night we had plans to meet with a contact from a couple weeks prior. From the phone conversations we had with him to set up the meetings, and some misunderstandings, we weren't too confident that he would show up to the meeting. We made a backup plan to bring cookies we had made earlier in the day, along with a Christmas card to the Ozheryelyev family who are strong members. The meeting was set up for 7, and we got to the branch early somehow at 6:40. We called our potential investigator right before going inside and he said that he found our branch, and that we weren't there, and then he hung up. He said it in a way that we figured he had seccond thoughts and left. So we were just going to leave without going inside if it weren't for the card that we had to finish writing. As we sat writing the card, one of the members at institute came out and asked us if we knew this guy who was sitting in the institute room. So we went and it turned out to be Sasha, the guy we wanted to meet with. He came, had interacted with the members in the institute room before class started, and we got to go have one of the best restoration lessons I've taught. He didn't say much during the lesson, but soaked it all up. At the end he said that he would read and pray. He humbly thanked us for the meeting and said as he walked out the door that "Maybe there is something here, and it will help me find a path of truth." We have another meeting set up with him tonight. 

When we stopped in the Mission office the other day to take care of some things, I found a nice surprise in the mail! Many thanks to the Udall family for the Christmas Package! I locked it in my suitcase and had Elder Stucki hide the key so I don't open it until Christmas morning.

On Sunday we went with a couple members in their car and delivered Christmas presents from the Branch to about 5 less active, or sick members. Just went to show us that they can do what we're doing so much more efficiently and effectively. Combined efforts of members and missionaries doesn't happen that often here, so when it does, it's a nice surprise. 

I'm excited to Google Hangout with most of you on Christmas! Christmas evening for you, bright and early on the 26th for me. 

So I'm doing well. It's been nice and warm lately. One of the Babushky that we visited said though that it is supposed to be -45 Celcius (-49 F) by the end of the year. We'll see what happens, But as of now I don't believe it. Maybe in February. 

Have a fantastic holiday week! Enjoy time off of school and work, (Dad... take some more time off of work. )

Much Love,

Elder Moore

 We go huge on Jogurt
Package from the Udalls! 

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