Monday, March 30, 2015

President's Visit, BYU Class Registration

Hope that everyone had a good week! I had to spend some email time signing up for my Fall semester of classes at BYU, so this one will be a quick one. 

As far as lessons and our area this week, Noor called us on Tuesday and we met with him that evening and discussed the Plan of Salvation. Edward came back into town and we met with him as well. Found out that one of the recent converts in the branch is his brother! We talked about the Book of Mormon and prayer with him. Come Saturday, President and Sister Williams along with Elder and Sister Turman were down visiting us in Barnaul. We spent all day Saturday with them in a meeting with our district, then individual interviews. Come Sunday, I had a lot of translating to do as President Williams, his wife, and the Turmans all spoke during Sacrament meeting and don't have the language ability to do it all in Russian. Then I stuck with Preident as he met with a few people, and then for when he trained the Branch Council. After about 4 hours of non-stop translating, your brain starts to feel like it does after a week of Russian in the MTC. 

Inbetween all of that, Elder Garnder and I have been doing a lot of foot work, and contacting on the street. They came out with another Anti-Mormon video the other day, so people here are pretty mis-informed as to who "The Mormons" are. Makes it difficult. 

I'm all signed up now for classes for Fall semester at BYU! Pretty crazy. I've got some Russian, German, Physics, Humanities, Religion, sport, and an intro to engineering class that are all thrown in the mix. 

Tomorrow is the end of March! Today I read up to Moroni chapter 10 so I'll finish up the Book of Mormon tonight for the month of March! My focus was revelation, and how God communicates with us. A highlight that I wasn't expecting to be so prominent was how God works through our Priesthood leaders, through those that have the keys, to bring us his words. Though personal, and very direct answers to prayer come, It is more often that God will speak to us through the people that he has called! General Conference is coming up this next weekend! I invited you all to watch it with questions and see this principle in action as you receive answers to your prayers through the words of living prophets! 

From Russia, With Love

Elder Moore

Elder Gardner during Weekly Planning.
Snowy Day. Some day it will actually be spring. 
Zoo Park 

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