Monday, April 6, 2015

Cloudy Skys Become Blue, Sidewalks Become Rivers

Happy Easter!

I'm kinda in Easter limbo over here. I wore an Easterish tie to church yesterday only to be told that Easter in Russia is next week. Which works out great because General Conference will be a week later here as well so we can still watch it on Easter Sunday! So I guess I still win in a way. 

This week was a slower one. Lots of time on the street. Upwards of 6 hours a day. At least the weather has been nicer. Stayed above freezing most of the week so the snow banks have taken quite a hit. The skys have been pretty clear, and the sidewalks in places are completely flooded. Whoever introduces some kind of gutter system to Siberia would be pretty well off. :) 

The best part of the week was Branch Council! Last week president Williams came and gave them a training, so this week when we all met, they had an agenda, and got down to the important things right away. Now out missionary district has specific things that we can now go and do. I'm sure that as we take care of the assignments from the Branch Council regarding less active members, we'll see lots of miracles! One, because we're going to be working more with members, and more miracles always come when missionaries and members work together and two, because this is what our Area and Mission leadership has felt inspired to ask us to focus on at this time! 

I hope you all enjoyed General Conference! I'll be able so say something more about it next week. :)

Hope you all had a great easter, and will have a good spring break as well. 

Much Love,

Elder Benjamin Moore

 Melty Sidewalks
It was so nice out we had to sit and enjoy it for a minute!
The Sun: Haven't seen much of him in a while! 

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