Monday, April 13, 2015

General Conference, Easter Cakes

Just a quick one about this week. It was a fast week as they seem to be these days. We spent a little less time on the street which was a bit of relief! There was some organizing that needed to be done with our efforts to work with the Less Active members that we did one afternoon. Our investigator Noor also found time to meet with us as well! We met on wednesday and read out of Mosiah 2 to introduce General Conference and to invite him to attend on Saturday and Sunday. He ended up not making it which was a bummer. 

General Conference though, was great! We got to watch it in English on the computer in an office in the Branch. It's hard to pick a favorite talk, but both of Elder Uchtdorf's talks stick out. Especially his talk on Grace in relation to the gates and windows of heaven. An underlying theme that also stuck out to me regardless of the individual topics of the talks was being able to keep an eternal perspective in all we do. 

At home this week, we've been trying to make pancakes. We finally just figured we should try the recipe we have in an old mission cook book. They turned out pretty well! We boiled down some цикорий to make a pretty good syrup. цикорий (Tsikori) is some kind of flower... You can google the translation or something. 

Well, I hope you all have a great week, and aren't already forgetting what you heard in conference last week! Go back and re-listen, and re-read talks. Get what you can out of it, and let the guidance and answers you received carry you to the next General Conference in October! 

Much Love, 

Elder Moore

Easter Cakes!- It's like a pretty flavorless bread with raisins in it with frosting
Tram tracks at night
We've moved on from Snow to Rain. :)
Syrup and Pancakes! 

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